What we are up to

Hi! This Aloola!

I’ve just become aware of a huge lack of communication from our side. On behalf of my better half I apologise for leaving you all in the dark about our journey in the past months.

What have we been up to?

What comes to mind first is that, after we had attended Quirkshop “Just Desserts”, we became part of the so called “Quircle”, which stands for quirky circle. We meet in a private space about once a month and play consciously kinky games. It’s a space for sharing, reflecting, connecting and exploring conscious kink. What is that? It’s dom-sub play in a tantric way, using all sorts of toys, like whips, floggers, slappers, stingy wheels, feathers, ropes, fire gear and whatever we feel like trying out. We also give and receive massages, cuddles, hugs or just talking space. This has been a blessing in both our lives, and we have bonded lots as a group and look forward to every meeting. We have not missed one and won’t, if at all possible. I personally like bondage a lot. I love feeling tied up and blindfolded, not knowing what comes next. Ramon is great at building me up to a state of high alertness and excitement. My breasts become highly sensitive when I feel the ropes squeezing them from above and below (just thinking of it makes me feel juicy), and I’ve been told it looks hot. I’m not always up for it though. Sometimes I get a flogging on my back with our beautiful leather flogger with a wooden handle. It smells amazing and it feels great when it comes down on my skin, sometimes just stroking me, sometimes coming down on me like a hale storm. I’m amazed as to how much I can actually take. The strokes can be loud and look violent to others, but when it’s done the right way, I don’t feel pain. I feel the impact on my skin, and it wakes me up, as well as loosens my muscles. We play in twos or more, and the energy always builds up to a highly vibrational energy, which later settles down to a sweet cosiness. You should try out your own Quircle, honestly!

We have also met up with a befriended couple and done some Tantra together. The meeting started with chats and catch up, moved on to cooking and eating together, went into dancing, sensual touch, blind folded conscious kink and ended in juicy cuddles late at night. No – we did not have group sex. But we did touch each other in highly sensual places and hugged as a foursome (imagine 4 people spooning and having their hands all over the place). Wow – that was beautiful. We felt very close and comfortable, and our friendship has deepened once more. My heart is now pounding a bit faster, as I think back to this fantastic weekend.

Last but not least, Ramon and I are meeting at the Heart Support Circle, facilitated by the lovely Tantra Teacher Rowan, and we, have private hot tub sessions in the forest at night, now and then, when we feel like needing togetherness and catching up with each other’s hearts.

Life catches up with us all the time. We both have hobbies or side business that takes up a lot of our time, individually. Every now and then we feel very distant from each other, not knowing where the other one is at. By going to the Heart Support Circle, the Quircle and by having the odd hot tub session we make sure that we do something together that reminds us how much we love each other and how important it is to meet on a heart level and connect.

As for the Tantric Disco, we kind of had given up on the event as it was. But something is cooking, and we might come up with a different set up and different location (London, maybe?). The Disco is not dead. Just a sleeping Beauty at the moment. Kisses welcome😉

Namaste, Dear Reader!

Have a beautiful Festive Time and hopefully enjoy the simple pleasures.

Aloola xxxxx

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How we made Love with God – 2 to 4 May 2014

We spent the those two days and a bit in Chorley Wood (near London) in a beautiful workshop space with Rowan from Oxford Tantra Wave, participating in her new creation “Making Love with God”. We had no clue what to expect, we just knew we could trust that Rowan would lead us into the depth of our souls; and that was what we wanted. Our everyday lives had taken over a bit, and we felt we needed to do something therapeutic and meaningful.

So, we dealt with the ‘G’ word (God, not G-spot). Ramon is atheist and I have actually always believed in a being that created the world. Spirituality was always part of my (Aloola’s)  journey, and I was brought up the protestant way. I never found enough answers in religion, so I became a so called ‘free spirit’, not wanting to belong to any religious group. God was always with me; in my thinking, my prayers, my acting, my reflecting, my every day life. But I never had a clear idea about his/her/its form. I have always imagined it to be an energy infusing everything and every being.  I’ve also always believed God being an unconditionally loving, forgiving, inclusive entity, a kind of parental being.

The workshop was all about our individual connection with (or disconnection from) God – although ‘God’ was a kind of placeholder for whatever we wanted to fill it with (e.g. Buddha, Universe, Highest Being, Life, etc) -, how we had so far been going about creating the life that we wanted and teaching us new techniques that would enable us to become the person we wanted to be. Rowan talked about her own path and what had finally helped her finding her divine power when she hit rock bottom, years ago. She took us on a journey from Friday evening until Sunday night. We were given the opportunity to reflect on our relationship with our creative power within, that she called ‘God’, to find out what our desired self would look like and to raise the necessary energy to initiate the creation of just that.

Some exercises were mind-blowing and new to us, some were familiar, at least to me, but the package as a whole was definitely new, very Rowan-like and very powerful.

We have re-connected with ‘The Source’, whatever one wants to call it. Call it ‘God’, if you like, we don’t really feel we want to give it/him/her a name. We don’t do religion. But we do MAGIC.

Thanks, Rowan, for a wonderful, deep experience and journey. Keep going. We love you!

Five Stars for this workshop *****


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Tantric Disco tomorrow (10th May) is cancelled

Hello All,

We are so very sad and utterly gutted that we have to cancel the Disco tomorrow. We just haven’t got enough committed participants.

We are, though, going to have a ‘party’ at our house for the ones who have paid, and our intention is to create a loving space, which we will fill with lots of energy and joy. We’ll send out a direct message to the ones who have signed up. If you strongly feel you’d like to come along, please email us with your phone number.

This was the last attempt from our side to keep the Tantric Disco going. It doesn’t seem to be what most Tantric Folk want.

It doesn’t mean the Community won’t go on. The Tantric Platform is for you and us and is staying strong, and things will just change, that’s all.

Please keep in touch, keep informed and support us by signing up to our blog.

Have a beautiful summer!

With all our love,
Aloola & Ramon

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Just Desserts

On 12th April we assisted the facilitator in creating a very special space. This inaugural workshop was for people who wanted to explore kink (or BDSM) in a conscious way. It was booked up very quickly, which shows there is a need in Oxford for this kind of experience. Finally, thank The Highest Being, we have someone who gives us an insight and a taste of what kink can be, especially if it is practiced in a tantric way, and who opens up a space for a new community.

We enjoyed every minute, – the arriving, creating the space, co-preparing the yummy lunch and greeting the participants, up to the goodbyes, looking into everyone’s slightly spaced out, glowing eyes.

The facilitator guided us through introductory exercises, which enabled everybody to bond and open up; we learned about tools and what one can do with them; boundaries were a big theme; and we had the opportunity to experience physical sensations using different tools in small sessions. The last hour was dedicated to ‘free play’.

The group was a good mix of experienced, less experienced and inexperienced but curious (possible) kinks, which made this day very special. For some of the participants the element of ‘consciousness’ was new in their BDSM practice, and they welcomed it very much. What it means is that the way of receiving and giving is a little bit more caring and ritualised, but also exploring the opposite side, even if it doesn’t feel quite as comfortable.

As you, our followers, know, we had participated in a seminar called “Dark Eros” a few years ago (with John Hawken). Just Desserts was a very welcome refresher for us, and we are keen to become part of this special community in Oxfordshire and surroundings. We might not yet integrate elements of kinky practices in our everyday life, but we do hugely enjoy getting together in such settings and practicing it there, at least once a month.

Five stars for this workshop *****


Aloola & Ramon


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Making Love with God

We would like to say that we thoroughly recommend attending this weekend, and if you do we’ll see you there.
Now please read on ………..

Making Love with God bridges the artificial divides between sex and spirit, and introduces the seeker to a divine that is loving, playful, and deeply sexy!

This intensive weekend workshop incorporates ecstatic movement, meditation and breath work, and draws upon the principles of sex magic and the power of group process to guide the receiver into empowerment, pleasure, and, ultimately, surrender into Love.

It is open to individual seekers and to couples of all genders and orientations, with some prior experience of personal work and/or conscious sexuality, who are ready to step beyond their comfort zones, and take their spiritual and sexual journey to the next level. The weekend offers inspiration in:

* Moving through shame into radical self-acceptance
* Accessing more ecstatic and more lasting pleasure
* Discovering deeper intimacy with self and lovers
* Creating a life you love, and taking more pleasure in the life you live
* Letting love in

Welcome, lean back, and let yourself be loved.

Making Love with God is created and facilitated by Rowan, and will be launched by her and her gorgeous team on the first weekend in May, 2014, running from 6pm on Friday the 2nd through to Sunday the 4th. As this is the first of these workshops there will be a limited number of spaces available, offered at the introductory price of £100 per participant (the price includes a tasty home-cooked lunch on the Saturday and Sunday). If you are drawn to attend, get in touch with Rowan at rowan@oxfordtantrawave.com to express your interest and find out more.

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Disco News……….

Disco time again,  Sat 10th May.

Full details on this page.

If you’ve never tried anything like this before, and somehow it tickles your fancy, drop us a line.

It’s a very warm and friendly mixed group in a cozy, safe atmosphere, where you can enjoy a very easy way to feel liberated.

Aloola & Ramon


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Reflection on Disco 1st June

Tantric Disco 1st June 2013

Gosh! Is it really already two weeks since we rocked the hall? Time flies.

We were over twenty people (four couples and the rest singles, male and female in equal measure) creating an amazing amount of vibrating energy very quickly. We can’t remember dancers resting a lot and we had a great ride on that musical and energetic wave until the end. The playlist turned out to be much to the liking of all participants overall, which I (Aloola) am so relieved about. It’s always a huge project for me to put the songs together, kind of pre-creating and pre-meditating the musical set up for the night. I usually have a few sleepless nights and nightmares beforehand, because I so want them all to like what I like and to serve all kinds of tastes. So far, I seem to have been able to please most of the music and dance lovers. The music plays of course a vital part in the success of the disco. The other thing is the atmosphere we create in order to make this village hall look and feel like a tantric and safe space for the night. We hang up huge cloths, create two altars, light lots of candles and use an LED disco light for the disco effect. We also prepare non-alcoholic drinks and a table full of fruit, cheese, dips and nibbles. People have fed back to us that they like the space we create very much.

Only a short time into the evening, a participant surprised us all by transforming into a pink fairy that brought a fluffy, exciting and hugely inspiring energy into the space. This helped most of the rest of us letting go of remaining resistance and opening up to a deeper, more intense experience.

All in all we had a wonderful time, lots of connection and beautiful interaction, as well as passionate dancing. Two or three were honestly dancing all the time – very impressing and encouraging.

Every time we seem to struggle to get the numbers, but just before the event we usually have enough to run it. And every time we get very good feedback; people tell us to go on with it, not to give up. We do get the impression that – although the numbers are always kind of the same – this is growing, as we always have mostly newcomers and a good amount of returners. Of course, it is difficult to get them all into one event. People have other arrangements and we are lucky to find a date when all the friends of the Disco can attend. But we do have a very clear feeling now that most people will come back if they can. Brilliant! We do want to move on with the Disco, because we love it and we love the community that we are helping to build. We love the glowing faces after the events, the shining eyes and the gratitude we receive for our efforts.

The next one we have planned for the 12th of October. All details, as ever, on our ‘events’ page. The location is the same as ever, and the ones who don’t know will get the information on request, after we have spoken a few words to get to know them.

Namaste and hope to see you there and then!

Aloola & Ramon

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